President Statement

In the past twenty five years, Huayuan People experienced the ups and downs, struggling with hardships, reforming the physical world meanwhile lifting up our own spirit world. Moreover, Huayuan people got the attribute of dauntlessness and aggressiveness; nourished the morality of regarding the company as home and taking the enterprise as the highest goal; and cultivated the temperance of continuing pursuit of excellence and better future vision. The maxim of “setting high moral values, keeping promises and sincerely cooperating”, earned Huayuan sound reputation and vast market. The motto of “loyalty and responsibility” made Huayuan people act on a solidarity spirit. Thus, Huayuan people obtained unique culture, and forged Huayuan’s unique enterprise soul.

Forward looking into the future, Huayuan, a "people-oriented, technology-based” company, will persevere in the working style of "Efficiency, Discipline, Realism and Creativity", looking for new opportunities, participating new challenges, and using the 25-year-forged Huayuan enterprise soul to build a hundred-year enterprise.

  • 0316-6080020
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